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Comes from Jawa native language of Indonesia, "BenSejuk" pronouncing it's e like e of get and u like u of put
BenSejuk translated as "to make it breeze" or "to make it cool" or "to have a fresh air",
or it also means " to make it airy comfort".

Consider word "BenSejuk" will comfort your breath with breeze of a fresh air, make your soul relaxed, your spirit revitalized and recharged.
So, let it be, let your dreams shine to be realized, bensejuk.

mango gadung farmland

This is cool.
Just bought in, a 10.000m2 ( 1 hectare / 100 are / 2,471 acre ) of mango gadung plantation. This farmland is contain 1.000 mango gadung tree ( 1 tree per 10m2 / 10 tree per are ) with estimated production of 100 kilograms per tree per harvesting period. This means at least 100 millions IDR (=indonesian rupiah) could earned each harvesting time.

Nowadays, there's an ironic. Increasing population would need more houses and the housing would decrease the farmland. On the other side, more population would need more food which basically produced from the farmland. Sometimes it could be a hard decision to balancing these needs, and to combine between economical industrializations and green environmental farmland.

A great combination of chance to save the green environment plus a profitable opportunity like this would be a perfect match of business and idealism, like this.

and this is the mango plantation i've told :
wanna some of these..?

Buy a farmland and plant it properly. With trees, not houses.
Human can live in flats and apartments, but we can never eat steel.
Save your descendants food for future life

[inspired by berniaga]

urban farming, chili

Urban farming, mostly done as a hobby although it also possible to run for commercial farming or business purposes.
As a hobby, urban farming is more considered as parts of house improvement by optimizing some space of your porch. Thus, the purpose is to make a green environment with usefull plants without changing your house to be a jungle.

mangga gadung, an indonesian mango fruit

Mango (Mangifera indica L) season peaks in october to november at indonesia. i have some of them in several species(kind), and my favorite one is named "gadung".
Gadung mango tastes very sweet with reddish yellow thick fruit flesh under it's green skin.
here's some picture of it, enjoy

green environment

i'm just occupied here at, to build my virtual world of green environments and hoping it could be realized soon enough.

As this is my first post here, i'd like to set it as "my base" before expanded it to other.
All next post, after this base, are considered as "my own" -or for better meaning, "as my imaginary own".
So, if one day you find a kind of something like doesn't make sense here, please refer back to my welcome page at BenPenak to assure you.

I'm sorry if here's any duplicating content, in case you're the original owner of the content and want to retain it back, don't be hesitate to write your complaint along your comments and i'll remove the article from here asap.
After all, please find any comfort here yourself, and feel free to explore our pages to value your visit.

best regard, bensejuk.